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Child Health Consultations and Classes


Consultations concerning the health of the mother and child, child measurements, and community activities are held in public health centers and local community halls.

Parenting Classes

Aimed at families having their first child, participants can learn about raising, discipline, feeding, and family planning.

Happily Developing Parent & Child Class

Aimed at parents who have concerns about their child's development.

Parent & Child Sunny Growth Consultations

Individual consultations for those who wish to talk about the development of their child's mind and body with professionals.

Pure Mama & Mama's Relaxation Space

Includes private consultation rooms, in addition to a place where parents can interact with each other and share experiences.


North Public Health Center
TEL 099-244-5693
FAX 099-244-5698

East Public Health Center
TEL 099-216-1310
FAX 099-216-1308

West Public Health Center
TEL 099-252-8522
FAX 099-252-8541

Central Public Health Center
TEL 099-258-2364
FAX 099-258-2392

South Public Health Center
TEL 099-268-2315
FAX 099-268-2928