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Child Immunization

Immunize Your Child

Babies naturally lose the immunization given to them by their mothers. As such, the child must learn to build their own immunization against diseases. Kagoshima City offers the following vaccines.


Target Age


3 - 6 months old


3 months - 7.5 years old

DPT vaccine(diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus)

3 months - 7.5 years old

Combined vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus)

11 - 13 years old
※Vaccination coupons are distributed during 6th grade.

Measles and rubella combined vaccine

1st shot

12 - 24 months old
※Immunise immediately after turning 1.

2nd shot

Pre-school(children who will turn 6 that year)

3rd shot

During the 1st year of middle school, or equivalent (children who will turn 13 that year)

4th shot

During the 3rd year of high school, or equivalent (children who will turn 18 that year)

Japanese encephalitis

1st sho

3 - 7.5 years old

2nd shot

9 - 13 years old


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