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Financial Assistance

Scholarship Loans

Funds are lent out to financially-struggling high school students residing in the city, regardless of their academic ability.

Loan Amount

  1. For those enrolled in public high schools: 18,000円/month.
  2. For those enrolled in private high schools: 30,000円/month.

Loan Period

Formal beginning of high school


After a 6 month grace period from month following high school graduation, repayments of the borrowed amount can be made in yearly, half-yearly or monthly installments.
No interest is charged.

Application Period

June/September (TBC) (twice a year). Eligible: enrolled students of the applicable year.

How to Apply

Please apply through your high school, following the instructions on the forms they distribute.


Please talk to the teacher in charge at your school, or call the Board of Education (TEL 099-227-1992).

School Fees Support System

Financial assistance for school supplies is available for families struggling to afford public elementary or middle school fees. After checking that the guardian's previous year's income meets requirements, costs for school supplies, transport, excursions, lunches, etc. can be subsidised.

Please talk to your school, or call the Board of Education (TEL 099-227-1922) for more information.


Please contact the Kagoshima City Board of Education for information on the types of financial aid available.

Kagoshima City, Yamashita-cho 6-1
TEL 099-222-8796