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Seniors' Pass / Sukoyaka Bathing Service


Senior Passes allow the user to ride city trams, buses, and the Sakurajima ferry (excluding the Yorimichi Cruise) for one-third of the regular price.

The pass also allows bearers to utilize public baths for one-third (currently \100) of the arranged price, for a limited number of times.

Citizens over the age of 70 who have Yuuai Passes can also use the Sukoyaka Bathing Service.

Eligible・・・Residents of the city over 70 years of age (applications can be made from 2 weeks prior to your 70th birthday, but usage will start from your actual birth date.)

※Persons identified among the below may apply for a further fare discount (up to 5,000円 a year, once a year) for use of the city trams/buses/Sakurajima ferry:

  • Public welfare recipients
  • Tax-exempt recipients of senior welfare pension
  • Tax exempt recipients of welfare recognized as financially distressedEnquiries

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