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Medical Care System for People Aged 75 and Over

System aimed at those aged 75 years and over, and disabled persons between 65 and 74.

The cost to the individual when paying for medical services is 10%(30% for those belonging to a household with an income earner).

The insurance premium is calculated by summing the Insured Person's per capita amount and their per income levy based on their previous year's income.

Reducing the Insurance Premium

Insurance premiums can be reduced based on the total income of a household (head + insured person)

Households whose total income falls below the following base amount

Reduced By

330,000 yen (basic exemption amount), and all Insured Persons belonging to elgibile household has a total income of 800,000 yen or less (and no other forms of income).


330,000 yen (basic exemption amount)


330,000 yen (basic exemption amount) + 275,000 yen × number of Insured Persons belonging to eligible household (excludes insured head of household).


330,000 yen (basic exemption amount) + 500,000 yen × number of Insured Persons belonging to eligible household.


How to Pay

  • Special Collection・・・Those receiving a pension amount of more than 180,000 yen per year will have their insurance automatically deducted from their pension
    (excluding cases where the combined amount with Long-Term Care Insurance is greater than half of the pension amount).
    ※Payment method can be changed to "bank transfer" by request.
  • Regular Collection・・・Paid by payment notices or bank transfer (excludes Special Collection persons).


  • When the Insured Person passes away, the funeral host can apply to have the funeral costs paid.
  • The Iki Iki Examination Slip can be used for “Longetivity Checkups”.
  • Subsidies for Hari/Kyuu Treatments, medical checkups, and brain checkups are available.


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