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Disaster Support

Disaster Victim Certificate

Disaster Victim Certificates are issued for damage caused by fire, windstorm, flood, etc.
There are no fees or charges.

Ambulance Transportation Certificate

Certificates are issued for ambulance transportation due to illness or injury, etc.
The fee is 300 yen.

Precautions against traffic accidents

Advice on traffic accidents

Service counters have been set up to provide advice about compensation and other issues related to traffic accidents.

Consultation hours
9:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:45, Monday to Friday (service is provided by specialist counselors)
Citizen's Safety Division
TEL 099-216-1209

Traffic safety workshops

Workshops on traffic safety are held at schools and senior citizen clubs, etc.
There are no fees or charges for using this service. (Advance applications are required.)

Disaster Victims' Support Systems

Various support systems are available for those who have sustained a certain level of damage due to natural disasters like typhoons or torrential rainfall.



Condolence money, consolation money & items, subsidies for floor replacements for flood victims

Local Welfare Division

Tax exemption & reduction, etc.

Reduction of city/prefectural personal resident tax

Citizens' Tax Division
TEL099-216-1174, 1175
Tax Divisions of branch offices

Reduction of fixed assets tax, city planning tax

Property Tax Division
Tax Divisions of branch offices (excluding Higashi-sakurajima)

Deferral of city tax

Tax Payments Division
TEL099-216-1191 ~ 1194
Tax Divisions of branch offices

Reduction of National Health Insurance tax
Reduction of Burden Charge

National Health Insurance
Taniyama Branch Citizens' Division

Long-Term Care Insurance

Reduction or deferral of Long-Term Care Insurance fees, etc.

Long-Term Care Insurance Division
Welfare and Insurance Divisions of branch offices

Seniors' Welfare

Reduction of individual insurance fees for medical treatments, nursing home admissions, etc. of those aged 75 and over.


Reduction of nursing home fees. 

Seniors' Welfare Division


Longevity Support Division

TEL 099-216-1186

※There are other support systems available besides the ones listed above.
Please call SunSunCall Kagoshima on 099-808-3333 for more information.