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If you require first aid, or if there has been a fire, traffic accident, burglary or other type of crime, remain calm, do not panic, and send out an SOS.

Police (traffic accidents, crimes) Dial 110

Ambulance (sudden illness, fire) Dial 119

When calling from an ordinary home phone or mobile phone, just dial the relevant number.

When calling from a public phone:

  1. Lift the receiver, and press the red emergency button, or
  2. Call the emergency number posted on the inside of the phone box

When someone answers, give your name and address or a description of where you are. If you cannot speak Japanese, speak slowly and clearly in English.

Useful Phrases



たすけに きて ください。
Tasuke ni kite kudasai.

Please come and help.

じけん です。
Jiken desu.

There's trouble.

じこが ありました。 きて ください。
Jiko ga arimashita. Kite kudasai.

There's been an accident. Please come.

Jusho wa・・・・・desu.

My address is・・・・・・・

Namae wa ・・・・・・・desu.

My name is・・・・・・・・

電話番号(でんわ ばんごう)は・・・・・・です。
Dennwa banngo wa ・・・・・・desu.

My telephone number is・・・・・