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Typhoons & Flooding


Kagoshima is a city prone to typhoons. Typhoons are most common from July through to September. If you need to go outside during a typhoon, be mindful of TV and radio weather forecasts.


For your safety during a typhoon, it is important to make the following preparations

1.To stop outside objects from flying around, it is important to either fix them to something or to bring them inside.

2.One of the hazards during a typhoon is windows being broken by flying objects. You should close the storm shutters on your windows. If you cannot close the shutters, you should secure your windows by placing masking tape in an "X" on your windows to stop them from being shattered.


3.Typhoons sometimes cause the electricity, gas, water or phone services to be cut. You should pack a radio into your emergency evacuation kit so that you can listen to the weather forecasts.

4.There are times when you cannot use electricity due to the typhoon. Stock up on batteries so that you can use electronics if this occurs.

Crisis Management Division
11-1 Yamashita-Cho, Kagoshima City
TEL 099-216-1213

Evacuating During A Flood

Following are the precautions to take when evacuating during a flood.

What to wear on your feet

Do not go barefoot or wear rubber boots. Lace-up trainers are ideal.

Link everyone using a rope

When evacuating, tie everyone together with a rope so that no one becomes separated from the group. In particular, do not let children out of your sight.

Depths of water you can walk through

The depth of water you can walk through is about 70cm for men and about 50cm for women. Never enter water if it looks like the water will come up to your waist. Go to a high place and wait for help.

Watch where you walk

You cannot be sure what dangers are lurking beneath the surface of the water. When walking through water, check it is safe by using a long pole as a walking stick.

Keep children and the elderly safe

Carry the elderly or disabled on your back. Use a life buoy for small children and a baby bath for infants to ensure their safety.

Warning Signs Of A Landslide

Following are the things to watch out for when evacuating during a flood.

  1. Water spurting up from hillsides. Loose pebbles rolling down.
  2. Fissures opening up in the ground.
  3. Mountains rumbling.
  4. Water in wells and mountain streams becoming muddy.