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Sakurajima Volcanic Ash

Disposing of Ash from Sakurajima

Sakurajima often erupts and showers the city with volcanic ash. The ash accummulated around residential areas can be swept into a plastic bag, and placed at designated "Residential Ash Collection Spots"

※ (see symbol below), which the City will collect and dispose of.

"Residential Ash Collection Spot" Symbol

In the same area as designated Rubbish Collection Spots.


Road Maintenance Division
TEL 099-216-1410
FAX 099-216-1352

Distribution of Yellow Ash Bags

Special yellow ash bags (「克灰袋」) are distributed to households in areas with more than a certain level of ashfall in order to remove ash from residental areas.

If you don't have any of these bags, you can layer two plastic bags and use that.

Please make sure to seal the bag properly.


Environment & Health Division
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FAX 099-216-1292