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Think Before Throwing

Have you ever looked at something and thought, "we don't need this anymore, but it can still be used.
It would be a waste to throw it out." If so, you can give those items to a nearby recycle shop, flea market, or the Kagoshima Museum of the Environment( External link ) Let's be smart with our reuse.

Selling At a Flea Market

Setting up a stall at a flea market not only allows you to sell your unneeded items, but also interact with the local community.

Listing Your Items in "EcoFurima"

"EcoFurima" provides information on trading unneeded items.
Please use it for electronics, large furniture and other items that cannot be sold at flea markets.Information on items people want to give away, and what they want, are listed on the Kagoshima Museum of the Environment homepage.

Bringing Unused Household Items to the Recycle Shop

At the Kagoshima Museum of the Environment's Reuse & Recycle Shop, you can receive points for donating "sleeping" tableware, towels and other everyday items.
You can then exchange those points for items that other people have donated. You might find a hidden treasure!

Donating to a Used Furniture Market

The Kagoshima Museum of the Environment holds an event twice a year where people can use their Reuse & Recycle Shop points to purchase second-hand furniture.
Please see the "Shimin no Hiroba" community newspaper or homepage for furniture donation requests.

Store Collections

Mobile phones, home printers, ink cartridges, etc. are collected and recycled by their respective makers.
When you need to dispose of them, please do not throw them out as rubbish, but take them to a cooperating store.

Repair Advice

At the Kagoshima Museum of the Environment Recycle Studio, you can get advice on repairing simple things like cabinets.
We will introduce you to a professional for items that cannot be repaired in the studio.


Recycling Policy Division
TEL 099-216-1290  FAX 099-216-1292

 Kagoshima Museum of the Environment
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