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When You Arrive

When seeing a doctor for the first time:


At reception say, "Shoshin desu" (this is my first visit), and present your health insurance card.

2.Medical interview sheet (application form)

Take a medical interview sheet (application form). Complete the necessary items and return it to reception. The medical interview sheet is an important document for the doctor to learn about you.

※The following table explains how to fill out these sheets in general.

3.Waiting For Your Turn

Once you have handed back your medical interview sheet to reception, wait until your name is called. (Usually, doctors see patients in the order they arrive at the hospital, but sometimes the order may change.)

4.Medical Examination

Once your name has been called, you enter the consulting room to be seen by a doctor. If you have any concerns, be sure to ask your doctor.


Once you have been seen by the doctor, it is time to settle the account (pay the fee). Normally, payment is in cash. Usually, accounts can be settled at the same place as reception.


There are broadly two ways of receiving medicine.

  • a.You get your medicine at the same time as settling your account
  • b.You get your medicine at a pharmacy outside the hospital
    In the latter case, you will be handed a prescription (instructions from the doctor on taking the medicine) when you pay the consultation fee at the accounts section in the hospital. Take the prescription to the pharmacy, and receive and pay for your medicine.
    ※You will be told where the closest pharmacy to the hospital is.