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Medical Insurance

People living in Japan must take out some kind of public medical insurance.

Types of Medical Insurance

With public medical insurance, the insurance varies according to your occupation and age.
People aged 75 and over switch from their previous medical insurance program to the Medical Care System for Older Senior Citizens. In addition to public medical insurance, there is also private medical insurance which is sold by private insurance companies.




The Insured


Public medical insurance

Medical insurance

Health insurance

Those employed by a company or business, etc.

Japan Health Insurance Association Health insurance associations

Seamen's insurance

Those employed as a crew member of a ship.

Japan Health Insurance Association

Mutual aid associations

National public service personnel, local public service personnel, private school personnel.

Various types of mutual aid associations

National Health Insurance

Those not enrolled in health insurance, seamen's insurance or a mutual aid association (including qualified foreign residents who will reside in Japan for over 3 months).


Medical system for retired people

Those under 64 years of age, who have been members of a pension plan for employees, such as the Employees' Pension Insurance, for a certain period of time, and who are receiving old-age or retirement pension benefits, etc.


Medical care for the elderly

Medical Care System for Older Senior Citizens

Those aged 75 or over.

Those aged 65-74 years who are certified as having a disability may be included as well.

Cross-regional federations

Private medical insurance

Please ask at each insurance company.