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The public pension is a social security system for people to receive payment of a pension if they grow old, become disabled or if their family members die.

Types of pension insurance


All people currently working in Japan are enrolled in the National Pension system. There are three categories of insured persons in the National Pension. The category and the degree of loading are determined according to the person's occupation.

Occupation, etc.

Enrolled system

Self-employed, farmers, students, etc. (people aged 20-59, other than those listed below)

National Pension (Category I insured person)


People aged 69 or younger who are employed at a company or business to which the Employees' Pension applies

National Pension (Category II insured person)

Employees' Pension Insurance

Enrollment is automatic if the employee has taken out Employees' Pension Insurance.

System in which company employees, etc. enroll, and which pays a "income-linked pension" in addition to the basic pension under the National Pension.

Public service employees
Private school personnel

National Pension (Category II insured person)

Mutual aid association pension

Enrollment is automatic if the employee is a member of a mutual aid association pension plan.


Full-time housewives, etc.

National Pension (Category III insured person)