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If You Suspect Child Abuse

If you notice any of the following, please contact us immediately.

  1. Sounds of hitting or screaming.
  2. An unnatural number of wounds on the child.
  3. That the child's clothes or body are always dirty.
  4. That the child is frequently left alone in the house.

※Professional staff of the Central Children's Consultation Office will conduct an investigation, instruct, and take custody of the child if deemed necessary. The identity of the contact person will be kept strictly confidential.


Child Welfare Division
TEL 099-216-1260
FAX 099-216-1284

Family Consultation Room
TEL 099-216-1262
FAX 099-216-1284

Prefectural Central Children's Consultation Office
TEL 099-264-3003
FAX 099-264-3044