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Issuance of Certificates

When a Certificate of Residence is Necessary

Until recently, foreign residents’ full names, addresses, etc. have been officially notarized in their “Certificate of Information Recorded on Foreign Residence Registration File.” From July 9, 2012 however, this will become the “Certificate of Residence.” A Certificate of Residence Request can be processed at Kagoshima City Hall Central Citizens’ Division, and all branch offices, as well as Kamoike or Kagoshima Chuo Station Citizens’ Service Offices.

When Registration of Foreign Residence is Necessary

Beginning July 9, 2012, Foreign Residence Registration Files are forwarded directly to the Ministry of Justice Immigration Office, and are therefore not on file at Kagoshima City Hall. As such, if you require verification of your registration as a foreign resident (Record of Addresses, Record of Aliases, Record of Name Changes, etc.), City Hall is not responsible for the documents. Accordingly, please consult the Ministry of Justice Immigration Office directly for legal disclosure of these documents.

About Issuance of Residence Cards and Proof of Special Residence

In place of Proof of Foreign Residence Registration, “Residence Cards” and “Proof of Special Residence” will be issued. Residence Cards are issued by the Immigration Office, whereas Kagoshima City Hall issues Proof of Special Residence. Currently, Proof of Foreign Residence may be used for a fixed period in the same way as a Residence Card or Proof of Special Residence. During this period, please submit an application for a Residence Card or Proof of Special Residence.


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