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Inkan (Seal) Registration

Inkan (Seal) Registration

In Japan, your inkan (seal) is an important item equivalent to your signature. There are two types: unregistered and registered.

Your unregistered seal can be used to do simple legal procedures like opening a bank account, taking out money, and issuing receipts. City Hall can provide a Seal Registration Certificate, which is a document proving the registered seal is genuine.

Registered seals can be used to sign important contracts like purchasing a car or house, and borrowing and lending money.

Registering Your Seal

As a general rule, the owner of the seal should apply for registration. They must be 15 years or older.

A Seal Registration Certificate is required for activities such as:

  • Registering your car
  • Buying and selling real estate

※Registration fee
300 yen per seal

You Will Need A Form of Photo ID, Issued By A Government Office

You can complete your registration on the day.

  • For those coming in person:
    The applicant themselves must be present.
  • Items to bring:
    A form of photo ID (Driver's Licence, Passport, Residence Card or Proof of Special Residence, etc.)

Seals That Cannot Be Registered

  • Seals less than 8mm square, or greater than 25mm square.
  • Seals with unclear impressions
    (Impression is damaged or has reversed impressions).
  • Seals with no edge or that are damaged, or not of standard size (border is more than a quarter of the impression, impression height is less than 1cm).
  • For foreigners, seals with phonetic kanji, or unofficial names.
  • A common seal which is used by all members of a household.
  • Seals that do not show the full name or part of the name of the bearer.
  • Seals that have the profession, qualifications or other characters other than the name of the bearer.
  • Rubber and other easily-modifiable seals.

※Other restrictions apply (such as traditional kanji registered in their simplified counterparts), so please enquire for more details.

※There may be other procedures, so please enquire for more details.


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