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Starting Use

When you first move in, you should contact the electricity company (see below) to have them activate the flow of electricity. After you have completed the procedures, flip the switch in the panelboard breaker. If you still do not get any electricity, contact the electricity company.

Discontinuing Use

When you wish to discontinue use due to moving, etc. you will need to complete some procedures. Please contact the electricity company (see below) as soon as you have fixed a moving date. You should have ready your examination slip and receipt, as well as the following information:

  • Address
  • Name
  • Customer number (※as shown on your examination slip and receipt)
  • Date to discontinue use
  • Method of settling the outstanding bill
  • New address

Paying Your Bills

You can pay your electricity bills at your nearest convenience store, bank, or post office.
Automatic deductions from your bank or postal account can also be arranged.


Kyushu Electric Power, Kagoshima Branch
Kagoshima City, Yojiro 2-choume, 6-16
TEL 0120-986-804
Open: M ~ F (excluding public holidays), 9:00~17:00

During Power Failures

If there is a sudden power outage in your home, first check whether it is just your house or if it is the whole neighborhood. If it is due to a typhoon, etc. please contact Kyushu Electric Power.

If it is only your house, then it could be a fuse or the breaker switch. In that case, unplug or turn off any appliances and then flip the breaker switch. If the switch or fuse blows again then it is advisable to contact Kyushu Electric Power.