ユハイザッド・ビン・ユソフYushaizad Bin Yusof

Please tell us a bit about your home country/area, or the place you are living now?


Malaysia is a well-known country all around the world nowadays. Malaysia is situated in the middle of the South East Asia region and is peaceful, beautiful and fascinating. Blessed with natural resources, and in my opinion, she is a best place to live in terms of climate and her multi races lived happily and in harmony. This year, our government is promoting ‘Visit Malaysia 2006’ to encourage tourists throughout the world, to come and visit such beautiful beaches, islands, highlands, tropical jungles, shopping centres, and celebrates multiracial festivals and so on to offer.
My hometown, Kajang is very famous with a dish called ‘sate’. ‘Sate’ is a stewed and grilled meat or chicken in small pieces, pricked by a small bamboo stick. It is eaten with peanuts sauce, cucumber, and cooked rice in a cubic shape and sometimes with onion. Its so delicious, tasty and quite sweet. ‘Sate Kajang’ is very popular to Malaysian and foreigners who work here. I remember, during my study at Kagoshima University, we (Malaysian students) used to sell ‘sate’ during ‘University Open Days’. It is very much liked by customers and we sold it out in a few hours after we started the business. What a nice memories?


Where would you recommend to visit within Kagoshima City?


Of course, it is Kagoshima University. Why do I suggest my university? It is because the university is a place for me and many other foreign students to gain knowledge and life experiences. I always thought that Kagoshima University constitutes the biggest portion of foreigners who lived in the city. Therefore, other than it’s core business, the university also is the centre of multiculture and to understand foreign languages, lifestyle, traditional costumes and opportunity to learn something from them. I’ve made a lot of friends there, such as students from Latin America, Africa, Europe and mainly from Asian countries. Furthermore, many of the distiguished friends are Kagoshima University’s ex-students.
The other place, where I would like to recommend is the infamous Sakurajima. Although she is a semiactive volcanoe, but still one of the main attraction of Kagoshima-ken. All my friends from other parts of Japan that came to visit me, wanted to go Sakurajima. I’ve experienced Sakurajima’s black ashes, whereby during her active days, I could hear the explosion and could see black smoke coming out from Ryugakusei Kaikan. The panorama was so fantastic and scenic, and I’ve not missed a chance to snap several photos. When a windy day, if the direction of the wind is towards the city, many places in the city will be covered by the dirty ashes. That day would become the busiest day in my life in the city because I was so busy cleaning and tidying my room and vehicle. Even though it seems annoying, I loved it since I would never experience such things in my country.


What are you up to now?


I am working as a lecturer at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi. Three months after I left Kagoshima, I got the job. Working as a lecturer is very interesting, it is not only delivering a lecture to students, but also doing other tasks such as supervision, researching, a lot of opportunities to involve in social and welfare activities and sometimes managing the department activities. Now I am busy to prepare for my doctorate degree at University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. I’ve a plan to collaborate my research with my Japanese counterpart, especially with lecturers from Kagoshima University.
Sometimes, when Kagoshima memories come across my mind, I always wish, hopefully one day, I have a chance to come back to Kagoshima City, together with my family. I would like to show to my children, the city who taught me a lot of things to become a matured man.




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