ワニータ・ミューズ Juanita Mews

Please tell us a bit about your home country/area, or the place you are living now?


I have just bought a house with my partner in a suburb called Doubleview, in Perth, Western Australia - Kagoshima's sister city. Doubleview is about 2 minutes drive to the ocean not far from central Perth - I can't wait to move in! Before I returned to Perth and after leaving Kagoshima, I considered the possibility of moving to another state (as many returnees often do), but once I was back, I decided Perth is definitely the place to be!
Although we are apparently the most isolated city in the world, Perth has such a laid-back, friendly atmosphere - much like Kagoshima. We have long stretches of beautiful white sandy beaches, islands with amazing sea life (including sea lions, sharks, dolphins and coral reefs), and are lucky enough to often catch sight of whales breaching as they migrate to warmer waters in winter.
If you head north along the coast for a few hours, the landscape changes and becomes drier, like desert, with the beautiful red earth Australia is famous for. Kalbarri - about 4 hours north of Perth - has amazing gorges and rock formations inland, and beautiful white beaches on the coast. If you head south for a few hours instead, you will hit the Margaret River wine region - renowned for its world-class surf breaks, wineries and Karri forests.
Perth is a great place to be living!


Where would you recommend to visit within Kagoshima City?


How could you go past Sakurajima?! The symbol of Kagoshima, Sakurajima is THE first place I'd take a visitor. On the way across the bay on the ferry you might catch a glimpse of one of the many pods of dolphins in the bay, and once you're there, there are plenty of spots to explore: grab a souvenir chunk of molten rock at the lava fields while admiring the views of the bay; see how big a daikon you can lift without putting your back out; sample a komikan or two as you walk along exploring; go for a snorkel in one of the bays or try your luck at fishing. Trip after trip to Sakurajima and I'm sure you'd still discover something new.
One my favourite after-work pastimes was jumping on my bike with a friend and riding on the path alongside Kinko Bay. Sometimes we'd ride south, following the bay along, and sometimes the other way - to Iso beach for a swim. As the lifeblood of Kagoshima - with ships coming in and out and ferries running back and forth - riding along and checking out the activity or taking in the ocean air was a great way to end a day.


What are you up to now?


Now I am working at the Japanese Consulate in Perth, and have been here since February 2005. My role is very similar to my work as a CIR in Kagoshima - I do school visits to teach kids about Japan, maintain the Consulate website, help to organise cultural events and occasionally do a spot of translation. One of the best things though, is that I'm still in contact with my old Kagoshima City Hall workmates and may even play a little role in upcoming delegate visits - stoked!
I also still catch up with other ex-JETs and am also on the JETAA committee, helping to organize Japan-related events and activities for JETAA members in Perth.
On a personal side, I'm just really looking forward to moving into our house next week! I spend a lot of time at the beach with my partner and our dog, eating out, heading to the pub for a beer, and generally just lapping up the laidback Perth lifestyle!




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