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The new coronavirus infectious disease

The outbreak of the new coronavirus has even been spreading throughout japan.

Please make sure that you wash your hands with soap or alcohol disinfectant.

It is important to take hygiene measures as with influenza, such as the use of masks and thoroughly washing hands.

Please be mindful of others when coughing (wear a mask, or cough in a handkerchief or tissue).



Please cooperate in measures against infectious diseases(English)


 Please contact the City Hall if the you have the following symptoms :

(1) If you have a fever higher than 37.5 degrees.
(2) If you have a cough, trouble breathing etc.

Contact : Health Promotion Division TEL 099-803-7023

For new information on the new coronavirus:

- Ministry of Health、Labour and Welfare homepage (Link to external website)




- Ministry of Justice Home Page (Link to external website)

Kagoshima Prefecture (Link to external website) 


The following link includes a list of hospitals that accept foreign patients.  
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage (link to external site)

Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) Available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese (JNTO) (Link to external site)


For inquires please contact the Health Promotion Division:
Location: 2nd Reception counter, 3rd floor Annex building 11-1, Yamashita-Cho Kagoshima City.

TEL 099-803-7023
FAX 099-803-7026

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