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Livelihood Protection

Livelihood Protection

What is the livelihood protection system?

This system encourages the independence of those households who are living in poverty even after utilizing all their assets and abilities, by providing the necessary protection according to their degree of poverty, and by guaranteeing them a minimum standard of living in terms of health and culture.

How does the livelihood protection system work?

The degree of protection is determined by comparing a household's income against the minimum cost of living, which is calculated using national standards. The deficit is provided in cash and/or in kind.

Eligible for protection (Minimum cost of living > income)

Not eligible for protection (minimum cost of living < income)


First Livelihood Protection Division
TEL 099-216-1281
FAX 099-216-1234

Loans Provided by the Social Welfare Council

Welfare Loans

Loans for economic self-sufficiency as well as support and guidance by commissioned welfare volunteers are provided to low-income households and to households with disabled or elderly members who live in Kagoshima City.


General support funds, welfare funds, education support funds, mortgage-backed funds for living expenses

Joint surety

In principle, needed (not needed for small emergency loans)


Kagoshima City Council for Social Welfare

City Hall Branch
TEL 099-223-0704
FAX 099-223-0704

Taniyama Branch
TEL 099-267-6130
FAX 099-267-6130

Yoshida Branch
TEL 099-294-2754
FAX 099-294-4701

Sakurajima Branch
TEL 099-293-2969
FAX 099-293-2969

Kiire Branch
TEL 099-345-0221
FAX 099-345-0201

Matsumoto Branch
TEL 099-246-7211
FAX 099-246-7215

Koriyama Branch
TEL 099-298-2278
FAX 099-298-2278